CHP doesn’t agree with Mr. Hart.

How did you decide what level and type of tinting you have or had on your vehicle? I’m Googling, reading, and doing image searches, but this is something I know very little about.

Going from the Envoy to the Golf has been great. I love driving a small, flappy paddle, much lighter vehicle that gets measurable MPGs..


The only drawback I have encountered is being blinded by headlights through the rear window. I am now at the exact height, or so it seems to me, to have truck headlights and HIDs give me rear view mirror shaped burns. Think reverse snow goggle burn.

This being a town with a high number of desert rats and Navy/Marine cats from Liftedtruckville, USA, it’s pretty constant. Flipping the day/night switch helps, but tinting seems to be a win/win.

I know in CA, 70% is the amount of light that must pass through the front driver/passenger side windows, but the rear windows can be Vantablack®.

I wonder how long until the first Vantablack® painted or wrapped car is involved in an “I couldn’t see him officer, his car absorbed all the light from my headlights.” accident.

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