What happens when you don’t want study an emerging market thoroughly but that emerging market is also one of the fastest growing in your industry?

This happens:

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Lo-and-behold, for according to BMW’s Mexican website you can get a Chinese market FWD 1er, a now discontinued european Market RWD 1er, and an European market FWD 1er.

None of these is available in the US or Canadian markets. The Chinese one isn’t available in the whole of America except for Mexico as far as I can research.

To the true dismay of BMW mechanics across this vast nation, later in the year we will get the 2er grand coupe, which I suppose will be a version of the european 1er that looks like the Chinese 1er.


There is actually an interesting question about the Mexican market because of China. You see, because of the trade war, German companies are scrambling to redirect some of their would-be Chinese market production to other countries... Specially countries with few regulations that could readily accept the cars. Like Mexico.

When my mom was looking for a new car, she was surprised to see that fully loaded Mercedes-benz V250s were being sold for 50 thousand dollars; much below the regular price. I wonder if the impact for other manufacturers will become more evident as time passes.

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