I’m wondering if it’s practical to have a single-strut fork for a motorcycle instead of the conventional dual-fork design. Typically associated with pedal bicycles and scooters, virtually every aircraft uses a single-strut design for their landing gear from the diminutive Piper PA-28 Arrow, probably the lightest and simplest aircraft with retractable landing gear on the market, all the way up to F-22s, 747s, SR-71s what have you so that tells me it might be possible for a motorcycle. Or maybe just have two struts really close together and have it covered to look like one? The reason why I ask is because I’m wondering if the single-strut design would look better. Especially given huge monster cruisers like the Indian Chiefs and Harleys where the struts are only covered in even more chrome to look cartoonishly bad in proportions, but eh what do I know?