I’ve been wondering about this question for a bit, and I think I’ve come up with a suitable answer so I’ll ask your opinions. What allows a car, in your eyes, to be considered truly “great”?

I’ll go first: for me, it’s got to be features, or lack thereof. What I mean is, think about a car and say, “Would I want this car even if it didn’t have air conditioning or a radio, and did have 15” wheels, plastic body cladding, and 100 hp?” Because to us car enthusiasts, the most important feature in a car is satisfaction, and if you like your car even with the conditions above, you’ve likely got a fun car. Which means it’s probably considered a pretty great car.

Think about it: most people would consider the Miata a great car, and it’s already got tiny wheels and not a lot of power. Most owners could care less about A/C, but despite that, the chassis and driving experience is fantastic.

What makes a car “great” for you?

Great car for your time.