My friend ordered a 2015 Acura MDX a few weeks ago, much like the one pictured here:

He also wanted a towing package and a few other options which he was told are all dealer installed after the car arrives. He gave them $500 for a down payment. They told him that his car arrived last week and faxed him the sales contract. He did not sign it then. He had wanted to wait until the car had arrived and the options were installed by the dealer so he could make one trip to sign the contract and drive off with the car without having to make a return trip to have his options installed. The sales guy was OK with this arrangement.

Via email he and the sales guy were trying to arrange a mutually convenient day for him to pick it up. Today the sales guy tells him that the car is no longer there. Acura had sent a trailer and picked up the car to return to the factory. Acura did not give him or the dealership a reason for taking back the car. Also, the sales guy had not had the dealer options installed during the week they had the car.

I told my friend that most likely the sales guy screwed you and sold the car to someone else who offered more money and was willing to sign the contract right then. Legally the sales guy did nothing wrong since my friend hadn't yet signed the contract. But I think that's a shitty thing to do. Unethical too. If you have to lie and make up a story (as I believe the sales guy did) that tells you that what you did was wrong.


Question 1: Does the factory ever take back a brand new car after they delivered it 1 week ago? And without giving a reason to the dealer, never mind the customer? Could the sales guy be telling the truth?

Question 2: Assuming as I do that the sales guy sold the car to someone else, is that a shitty thing to do to a paying customer? Even if what he did is legal since it wasn't Bob's car since he had not signed the contract.