Why isn’t there much in the way of trying to electrify them?

I was having a discussion with a coworker a while back, and we were talking about how even now some trucks, like the Colorado and Tacoma, are equipped with v6’s that aren’t the most efficient in the world for what they do (16/18, and 19/24).


Now my education is in chemical engineering so I’m not well versed/have no experience in the automotive engineering sphere, so I can only pose the question. Why couldn’t you do a electric/turbo 4 combination? With turbos, you get the torque and then maybe electric motors at the wheels or just a hybrid setup would make up for the loss or torque at the low end to still maintain payload but increase efficiency.

Is there a reason why this wouldn’t work? I know there are a few knowledgeable auto industry people on here who could shed some light.


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