What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

EDIT - Yes, I would ideally love to test drive these back to back, but that is out of the question right now. Test drives are hard to get, and sales are hard to accommodate hence the great deals right now. I just want to make the best use of my time for a potential deal.

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The dealership near where I work has a stick shift, 2020 TRD sport Tacoma doublecab 4x4 with some hefty price cuts on it. It’s everything I want in a truck, including the dealer installed extras like the steps and some blackout treatment. A cursory phone call today said they’re willing to tack on something extra to sweeten the deal.I’m hoping for sub 34k OTD which means a sticker of 32k which is......optimistic when it has a bunch of options on it but whatever, I’m not the desperate one in this deal.

My question is, assuming I get the good pricing.....do I pull the trigger on a stick shift taco? Is it really good to drive? Or can I widen my color selection and take an automatic and be just as happy?

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