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Question for the HR or business Oppo's

There is a smallish company I want to work for, but the vast majority of their job posting on Linkedin and their company website have errors in them. For example, they have a listing right now that according to the job headline is for an Operations Manager, but the job description is for an Operations Analyst.

1. Should I apply acting like it’s an Operations Manager job?

2. Should I e-mail the HR person attach my resume and tell them I am not sure if they are hiring an Operations Manager, but if they are hiring an Operations Manager here is my resume?


3. Should I e-mail the HR person and tell them you could probably hire better people if you could manage to unfuck yourself and get your job posting correct? BTW, here’s my resume.

I am thinking option 2, however, I don’t want to offend the HR person by pointing out their error.


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