have a wood/coal/anything burning car for your time. So I was up at the new house this weekend that we got for my dad and stepmom to retire in. There is a huge fireplace with an extra flue that was once used likely for a wood burning cook stove that faces the kitchen. There is nothing there but an empty thimble going into the flue. The fireplace faces into the living room, not the kitchen. Floor is uprated under there to handle some serious weight. There are 3 options I foresee. I have access to a Princess Atlantic wood cook stove, I could build a pizza/bread oven, or I could put a big potbelly wood stove in there. My pops just wants the heat, but would use a pizza oven or wood cook stove if it was there. What do you think I should do? Here is the cook stove I could install (needs some welding on the top, sorry no full pics), or an example of the pizza oven I could build. I have at least 2 years to whip this place into shape, so time/cost is not prohibitive. Pizza oven would throw the least heat, then cook stove, then potbelly stove being the best. Place was built in the 70's, and we are uprating the insulation which is already pretty decent. He will be in Cali most of the winter too. Heat is forced hot air. Access to plenty of wood