So yesterday afternoon I get a call from the CFO of the company I used to work for, and was laid off from, last January (as in, 2018). He wanted my password for my laptop.


Background: Surface Book (1st gen). When they told me I didn’t have a job anymore, I deleted the browser stuff, took what I needed, and since we used Dropbox as a company, nothing but raw Keyshot renderings were stored locally on the SB, there’s nothing but OS and programs (at this point should all have been well past their license exipry). All under the eyes of this CFO. I was half the IT dept at the two companies I’d worked for prior (mostly building computers and network, small companies, low turnover), and said, here you go. Burn it down, it’s all yours.

I had offered to buy the SB from them, and they said, sure, for $2100. So,

I went and bought my SB2, which is what I should have done anyway.

I had told them that I would do the burn-down and reset on it, like I had on all of my and my co-workers’ machines over the years, and they said no. So I shrugged, let it go, and moved on. As one does.


Then, 14 fucking months later, I get this text from the CFO about wanting my password yesterday. My reaction, past WTF, was a rush of many things. First: you didn’t wipe it and start over 14 fucking months ago. So he calls me, and I’m like,


Second, pretty angry about it. Third, not surprised at their incompetence and general fuckery. Apparently he was trying to add a new user to it, and needed admin access he didn’t have. I mean, if you had a search warrant? Sure, go ahead. In this case? I don’t know how to help you at this point. I offered. You assholes wouldn’t let me. Your problem, at this point, not mine.


So help me out, here, people— was I right?

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