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At over 130 thousand miles now, the Sonic has been still going strong. Outside of regular things like tires, oil changes,etc there have been no major problems (thank god). But recently, the time came for the car to have an alignment.


With me having the Mustang, my girl uses the car to commute from home and to work or to do things around town with our son. She works less than 5 miles away. She let me know the car had been off center. She said that to keep the car straight, the wheel had to be turned to the right a little. I said ok I would take it for an alignment on my off day and get some new front tires.

So on my day off, I took the car to Sears Auto Center (they sent me a 15% off coupon). After waiting for almost 2 hours, I get the car and drive off. I went straight to the tire place from Sears to get new tires for the front. As I’m driving there, I notice that the car now is off center but to the left, the reversal of what my girlfriend said: to keep the car straight the wheel needs to be to the left slightly. Keep in mind all this was on the 7th. I decided I was going to take the car back.


So fast forward to today, my next off day and I take the car back to them, and let them know I don’t think they did the alignment properly. I told them the wheel went from being off to the right to off to the left now. They let me know they would take care of it no charge. I got there at a little after 10. I didn’t get my car back until 1, so much time that I had time to go browse in the mall and sit down and eat a Cinnabon. I waited all that time for nothing to be done.

When the tech tells me he needs to speak to me, he asks me had I hit anything. I told him no never. He tells me that the front caste is off and cant be adjusted and provides me documents showing to the degree which it is off. He then tells me I need to take it to a body shop to have them see if they can do something about it. I took my papers and left confused because I have never hit anything in this car and I know for a fact my girlfriend hasn’t.


SO my question is, if the front caster is indeed off, why wasn’t I told of this upon my first visit? If it is off could they even have done an alignment? Or did they charge me for something they didn’t do?

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