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Question of the Day; What Accounts for the Disparity in Pricing Between US and UK/European Car Insurance?

Car insurance: it's expensive. It's also highly variable: do you live in California or the Carolinas? Do you drive a Yaris or a yellow 911? Do you have comprehensive coverage or merely liability? Are you 20 or 50? There are lotsof variables and the prices here in the States vary accordingly.

But one thing seems clear to me: we have it SO damned good in comparison to the UK/Europe. This became evident to me today in a conversation with Oppo's own Biturbo228 in which I mentioned that my insurance costs at 17 years old didn't change much from the GTI I drove as my first car to the V8 powered Mustang I bought as my second; he responded by saying that insuring a GTI for a first-time driver would hardly have been possible in the UK, much less anywhere near the realm of affordable.


We then embarked upon a conversation to figure out what accounts for the difference, and neither of us could come up with much. Is it government regulation? Is it a less competitive market? Is it that the insurance functions very differently? Are young British drivers that much more dangerous than their American counterparts? (I find that one laughably unbelievable)

I did some quick research and found that the insurance does indeed function differently to some extent, although I wasn't able to determine to what extent. Other than that, the details were few and far between.

So, Jalops, lend us your brains, your knowledge, and your analysis. What is at the root of this issue? Help us figure it out.

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