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Question of the Morning – Mustang Edition

I was looking at Gimmi’s post below showing a Mustang on Dubs and it got me thinking.  I have a 1968 Mustang, pictured here (picture of a picture!), that I have had since high school.  When I graduated in 1993 and headed off to Purdue it went into storage at my parent’s place where it got driven during the summers until I graduated.  It has been pretty much sitting since then with the occasional start up just to make sure things spin that should spin.  I’m getting to an age where I might be able to spend some time with it and bring it back to life. 


This car is a I6 200 cu-in model with a 3 speed.  It isn’t a GT anything and I don’t think Carol Shelbey has even farted in its vicinity. It is one of 233k cars made. It is a secretary's car.  It isn’t special.  The previous owner replaced the floor pans due to corrosion (questionable) and there is typical light corrosion in the truck.  Everything else is stock.

So, what would you do?  Replica vintage racecar, because racecar? Restomod? Monster Truck? Back to stock? Turbo Chevy small bock with a Dodge Power Wagon rear end? Other?

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