Question of the Night: 2-for-1 special!

Sorry folks, I had to get to bed early last night so I neglected to make a QotN post. Hence, we have a 2-for-1 special!

1: What vehicle should be or have been a convertible but isn’t/wasn’t?
2: What is the best-overall RWD non-Miata convertible?

Why convertibles? Because it’s still just warm enough to have the top down, and the autumnal turning of the leaves is very soon.


For me, the first answer would be the Ford Raptor. Yes, it’s rugged, capable off-roader, and needs structural rigidity - which could be regained elsewhere, or done Bronco-style with a solid front cabin section and an exposable rear section.

The second answer would probably be the Jaguar F-Type. Yes, there are faster convertibles, ones with more power and luxury, better performance, cheaper and more pricey options, but the F-Type is a good balance of power, performance, price, and especially sound.


Alright, Oppos, gimme both of your answers!

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