Question of the Night: If the POTUS was an Opponaut, how different would the country be?

It’s more than a year before the next US Presidential election, but there’s much jockeying for position and untold millions of dollars being spent to try to buy mindshare and loyalty, and my internal cynic and pragmatist wonders how much better such monies would be spent - and what they could be spent on.

I’ll be the first to admit that the Presidency is mostly a puppet position, and that it’s not - and deliberately so - a monarchical position of supreme executive power.


However, it is certainly a high-profile position, and there are ways for the resident of the position to try to execute an agenda, for better or for worse. So what if the “leader of the free world” were a hardcore automotive enthusiast, one who was not just aware of various automotive cultures and subcultures, but an avid participant as well?

First, I imagine there’d be a drastic modification to the laws and measures known as the “Chicken Tax”, and an effort to standardize international safety standards so that vehicles that are considered “safe” by regulatory agencies - like NCAP and NHTSA - are equivalent to each other, allowing for vehicles to be more easily developed for worldwide deployment and sale, for both indigenous domestically-sold (and exported) and imported vehicles, and a greater potential variety to the vehicles sold to keep competition sharp and beneficial to both consumer and corporation.

There’s many other things I believe someone in that position might seek to accomplish, and could realistically attain. I don’t think they’d do anything as drastic as redrawing state boundaries to reflect the state capitol being based around notable race tracks - though what a power and paradigm shift that might be would be fascinating - or a general abolishment of bike lanes and cargo transport on public roads, but there might be certain changes I’d overlook. So I put it to you, fellow Oppos: What would an Opponaut-card-carrying POTUS change and do that’d be different than what’s been and being done?

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