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Question of the Night: If you could have a copy of your own racetrack, which would it be?

Pick a famous racetrack. Any track. Voilà! You have a copy of it within a short driving distance, and you’re the proud new owner!

Here’s the catch, though: YOU have to maintain it. Track surface, paint, fences, barriers, insurance, pits, etc. the whole shebang. If it’s profitable enough, of course you can hire a crew to do that for you, so now it’s an entire business enterprise.


You’re in charge of the whole operation, which means you have your dream racetrack, but you have to make it work for you, like a racehorse owner and their prize steeds, or a team owner and their franchise. On the plus side, you also get to use it whenever you want, however you want.

Which do you pick?

My choice? Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

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Apologies to anyone else who might have picked it, but there are other great tracks to choose from.

I want that Corkscrew near my home. I want to host Race What You Drove weekends. I want to see Spec Miata races in my backyard. I want to see electric go-karts whiz past the giant tire. I want to see R34 GT-Rs go head-to-head with its contemporaries and successors in a few years, but here in the Midwest, not way out in California. I want to see the best of Britain go full-out against the Italian stallions. Manufacturers testing prototypes beneath camouflage. New exotic car owners testing their limits and that of their new rides in the relative safety of a racetrack instead of the public roads.

I’d make it work. It’d be an improvement, too, since there would be grass all around, not mostly dirt, sand, and dust.

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