Happy Labor Day Eve! Many American Opponauts are off tomorrow (I’m not), so in the spirit of Labor Day, tonight’s question is fairly straightforward: what are the most underappreciated work (industrial and commercial) road vehicles?

I’m going with railroad track maintenance trucks:


Rail usage - especially freight - is grossly underappreciated and scarcely acknowledged, except after a rail accident, or when a train crossing a road causes a minor delay in traffic. These trucks help workers inspect, maintain, and repair/replace the critical components in the rail system, and I have profound respect for the fine folks who do that work.

I’ve ridden Amtrak (America’s nationwide passenger train service, for those outside the U.S.) quite a few times, with no major incidents, and few delays, so I have a more personal attachment to the work these trucks are used for, but I also recognize how much freight trains move, and how FUBAR we’d be without them.


One of these types of trucks (the HD pickup, not the big rig) could have been a good suggestion for the hypothetical “travel across the world in a modern vehicle during WW2” from a prior QOTN.

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