Question of the Night: What car "Model"-ed best?

The Model T “put the world on wheels”. The Model S put makers of the ICE on notice, and its sibling’s reveal tonight has been far too long in coming - though not as long as it took for Ford to make a different, ah, model than the T. There’s been many production and concept cars to wear the “Model” name, but which wore it best?

I’m going with Ford's Model U concept . Clearly an inspiration for the facelifted 2008 Ford Escape and Ford Flex, it looked whimsical yet practical, futuristic yet fun. The lines were sculptural, especially the (very non-production) unbroken line on the door edges that made up the glass.


The wheels may have perhaps been inspired by the Countach’s and Diablo’s, and perhaps paved the way for VW’s famous GTI wheels that look like giant film reels. Everything is form and function, and, like many of Ford’s concepts, should have seen production, or at least more ideas from them move into production vehicles. It was remarkably similar to the FJ Cruiser concept from the same year, yet also had some Jeep Wrangler-ness to it with the convertible roof and angular wheel arches, yet more futuristic as it had the modular interior and exterior components, “green” materials, and more advanced features - a more civilized Bronco, in some ways. One could wonder if BMW was inspired to build the awkward X6 and X4 from such a concept, as well.

How about it, Oppos? What vehicle best wore “Model” in its name?

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