Question of the Night: What car segment is next to be endangered?

As you may have seen, I went car shopping today. One thing my wife and I noticed was that the rows for minivans, sports cars, and larger cars were at most half the size of the other rows on the lot, which stretched out quite a bit. There were probably more Chevy Crudest and Ford Foci combined on the lot than there were all of the full-size cars. In contrast, there were two full rows each of crossovers/SUVs, midsize cars, and compacts. There was one actual car-based wagon - a VW Jetta, I believe - if one considers the Ford Freestyle to be a crossover, despite its lower ground clearance and roofline, as well as a BMW 3-series Grand Tourer (which is ugly), and while the Ford Transit Connect is Focus-based, it’s still a van. Sadly the wagon is already mostly dead already, but perhaps the European holdouts - Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Volvo, at least in the US - can keep the flame alive.

The sports car seems safe. They’re well-known, and while not necessarily high-volume, they’re “halo cars”, iconic magnets to draw shoppers into showrooms.


Full-size non-luxury cars are a potential candidate. Folks who want more room lean towards crossovers, rather than the impalas, Tauruses (Taurii?), Chargers/300s, Avalons, etc.,

Midsize cars still sell in large volumes, albeit to fleet customers, but overall sales are apparently decreasing.

Diesel cars - while not exactly a segment in and of itself, it is a unique segment - may certainly in danger, as they had just begin to catch a foothold and the VW debacle has likely helped to loosen that hold.

How about it, Oppo? I won’t submit my own idea tonight, so it’s up to you to state your case.

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