It’s Sunday, and I need to go to bed early due to a [much] earlier work schedule.

What car - under $1500 - would be ideal for a first-time car flipper? You don’t need to support it with ads necessarily, but name a car easily findable under $1500, that could be sellable at a profit for less than an additional $500 for parts (so maximum $2K budget) and a few weekends’ work.

I’d pick a Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan/Mazda6/Lincoln MKZ/Zephyr or Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner/Mazda Tribute. Why? Because they’re not crazy to work on, are found for relatively cheap needing a good cleaning and tune-up, parts are plentiful, and there’s room for mild upgrades Wheeler Dealers style, if wanted. It wouldn’t have to turn a huge profit, but enough to

get “bitten by the bug” and afford the next project.