Question of the Night: What is the universally least-offensive car mod?

Sorry for the late post. My next-door neighbor’s sons got in a car wreck and he needed to vent and get some advice. The kids are OK, but the asshat driving the Avalanche while drunk and uninsured that hit them is looking at a long time behind bars, though that’s no consolation, and doesn’t pay for a new car or the substantial medical bills for the boys.

Tonight’s question: what’s the least-offensive (that is, most-acceptable) car mod, something that a grandmother in India or a child in Idaho could equally appreciate? Something relatively simple and not so overly complex they need a specialist to do it.

I’m going with tastefully-sized aftermarket wheels (and perhaps better tires, because better tires are important, so get them both done). Custom/aftermarket wheels are in worldwide demand, and are usually (when done tastefully, legally, and without compromising the safety or integrity of the vehicle) a harmless way to make one’s vehicle a bit more personal, more unique, and perhaps complement a vehicle’s style more than what the factory’s designers had in mind. I loved the Moda R6s I had on my Volvo, for example: not too big, not too small, and just the right amount of straight lines and curves to look good, and IMHO enhanced the look of my car.


How about it, Oppo? What mod seems most acceptable for just about anyone to do to their vehicle that others might notice?

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