We’ve seen the Top Gear guys take high-performance cars off-road in Australia, rally a Bentley, and drive various cars across the wilds of Africa. We’ve also seen Richard Hammond drive a Marauder through Johannesburg (admittedly in staged situations), and - while less destructive but similarly entertaining - Doug DeMuro squeeze his Hummer through Philadelphia (and on a racetrack, and a highway...). More fictionally, we’ve seen Pierce Brosnan as James Bond drive a tank through Saint Petersburg.

The common element here is that these vehicles weren’t really designed for those uses, which was the intention of using them for those various bits.

So, given essentially unlimited funds and no lasting negative repercussions (people cannot be harmed in this scenario, so no using an S-Class to do a drive-by through a terrorist village, or driving a steamroller through a parade, or a ; let’s keep this G or PG), what would you drive, and where would you go?


My idea? I don’t like the idea of off-roading a car, because winching a car out of a rut probably gets old quickly, even if there aren’t negative repercussions. So I’d rather drive something massive through an urban environment. With Top Gear in mind, I’d like to use these powers for good, and drive something big and indestructible- bigger than the Marauder - though the derelict, uninhabited buildings in North Saint Louis that need demolition but there aren’t the public funds to do so. It’d have to be able to clean up afterwards so as to not create much more work.

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