Question of the Night: What would be the best new vehicle mashup from different brands?

Hey, it’s Sunday! Time for some whimsy.

I love Volvo wagons. I don’t love that modern ones are FWD, or FWD-based AWD. I also love Mustangs, and I aspire to someday own a GT350 AMD/or GT500. It’s hard to justify a Mustang though, as my wife and I frequently carry people, pets, and cargo in the back seats and trunks of our sedans. The most appealing RWD wagon isn’t available in the U.S. (hello, Jaguar XFR-S Estate!), and crossovers/SUVs have high centers of gravity. So what is an Opponaut to do? Make my own!

Take one GT350R,


and add the cabin and rear of the eventual production Volvo V90 (previewed in shape by the Concept Estate, allegedly).

Keep the Volvo’s interior, but stick with Ford’s infotainment system to access track apps, and of course the GT350R’s magnetic suspension, wheels, and front end.

End result: RWD, flat-plane crank V8-powered wagon with stunning looks, good handling, and Volvo’s legendary seats.


Opponauts: spitball your automotive mashup ideas!
-They have to be from different brand families (so no Holden and Cadillac blend - sorry, no CTS-V Utes -because they’re both GM, but a Holden and Honda mashup would be OK).
-There’s no barriers to making it feasible other than your own imagination. It might be ugly or awkward, but that doesn’t matter.
-The vehicles used must be in production or confirmed preproduction as of right now.

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