Question of the Night: What's the most irritating modern design detail?

Sorry for the late post. I had to take my wife to the airport, and I decided to upgrade my main desktop while she was out of town, and I lost track of time. On the plus side, it was probably the fastest motherboard, CPU, RAM, and power supply swap I’ve done on a custom desktop (factory-made desktops are usually easy already); new guts means my main desktop can actually be my main computer again if I want (I’ve been doing most of my personal computering from my Windows tablet this year); and I’ll finally have all my computers and phones running Windows 10.

Anyway, onto the question!

What recently-introduced or popularized (less than 10 years, 5 even better, bonus points for more recent trends) design detail that is on multiple brands bothers you? I don’t mean design trends themselves, like


Kammbacks, low-roofline/high-beltline with a short greenhouse, or retro, just certain details that are represented in multiple brands.

Mine’s simple: turn signals mounted down low, typically below the bumper up front (new Mazda3, new Ford Mustang, Ford Escape, Lincoln MKZ, etc.), and in the bumper out back (VW Tiguan, Kia Sportage, Infiniti EX35/QX50, etc.). They’re dangerous (more folks drive taller vehicles and can’t/don’t look that low) and don’t see as effective as locating them within the main light clusters at each corner.


The ones in the rear bumper are same especially dumb as there appears to be plenty of room in the higher lighting elements to fit a turn signal in there.

How about you, design-conscious Opponauts?

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