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Question of the Night: Which new 2016MY vehicle are you looking forward to most?

Easy question for Sunday!

With the GT350R, XC90 (which I finally saw in the flesh today, via an intentional detour to my nearest Volvo dealership), F-150, and a bunch of other new releases this year already under our belts, it’s time to look forward to next year’s models.

What are you looking forward to most?

For me, it’s the Jaguar XE. It’s gotten very positive reviews, even dethroning the 3-series in a few recent tests! Jaguar’s hit s home run with the F-Type, I love the XF, and their SUV-making sibling Land Rover is on one heck of a roll.


Remember, this is for 2016MY vehicles, so as much as I love the new Raptor, as a 2017 model it doesn’t qualify.

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