Clarkson, Hammond, and May seem to have one heck of a show coming for us, thanks to Amazon. Let’s take a thorough look through their various used car challenges, including Africa with finding the source of the Nile and traveling the spine of the continent; India; South America twice; southeastern US; the Middle East; Vietnam; Germany in Porsches; and all over the British Isles.

The TG Trio have a wide variety of vehicles they’ve picked for the various challenges, from a venerable Toyota Hi-Lux for the amphibious vehicle challenges, to used Porsches, Range Rovers, and Rolls-Royces. If you could pick just one - regardless of brand, nationality, or driven-wheel restrictions, and in the form it was before the trio got their hands on it - to use in all the challenges they had, which would it be?

For me, it’d have to be the Land Rover Range Rover. It’d be reasonably comfortable on both the smooth roads and the rougher ones, and the 4X4 is almost certainly necessary to get through the South American jungles, and could have been very useful in the Africa specials, and the Middle East. It may not do well on the track - or as badly, like Hammond’s Dodge Ram pickup - but points could be made up elsewhere. And, arguably most-importantly, it survived Clarkson’s abuse.