A lot of us own or have owned used cars, many of which benefit from an aftermarket stereo (and sometimes speakers). While a lot of modern head units seem stuck in 2005 (look at the graphics on most units, yikes!), with the biggest accomplishments since being the addition of HD radio, inputs, and newer Bluetooth settings, they still can be preferable to the factory stereo.

Nice and simple: which company makes the best overall aftermarket head units for the money?


My choice: JVC.

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I had the same KD-G700 in all 5 of my previous cars (the Mazda’s works and would be too much a PITA to swap) and I bought it new when it came out. It had a motorized face which was still impressive to the buyer of my Volvo that he opted to keep it rather than me knock $50 off the price of the car for it. I only wish it had an AUX in and a USB port, otherwise I would have kept it. It still compares favorably to modern offerings, despite the lack of features. Much like the Volvo, I kind of miss it, but I also like having an in-dash six-disc player with steering wheel controls from the factory.

How about you, Oppo? Pick a brand and state your case. Keep it within the realm of DIY and less than the cost of a LeMons racer with extra tires.

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