Question on a Saab 9-3

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I have had this question for quite some time now and couldn't find the answer anywhere. But then I came here and noticed that you guys on oppo seem to know a fair amount more about my old Saab than I do.


So for my first post to the site I wanted to see if you guys could help me out, so here it goes.

About 2 years ago my Saab had a bit of an issue when the timing chain wore the tensioner down and the chain slipped, suffice it to say that I had a now useless engine. After we took it to a mechanic that said he would replace the engine, the car worked (for about 2 weeks ). One day driving home the car started accelerating wildly and shot the turbo to the limiter and shut the car off.


After we had someone else look at it they found out he put the wrong engine in the car and nothing matched up correctly. This little issue, as the original mechanic put it, has probably cost my poor little car it's freakin life.

Now my question to you guys: Is there any way that I can transplant an old Saab engine preferably pre-GM era, into the Saab, and how much would that cost?


Or should I sell it as a parts car to someone who needs the parts for their car?

Any help, even the slightest tip would be appreciated.

The above photo is not mine it is from the website but I have the same exact car as the one pictured.

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