Yesterday my girlfriend's father asked me to take a look at the tires on his 2003 Corvette. I noticed that the rears and the front right all looked to be in good condition, but strangely the front left was heavily worn. By this I mean the 3 good ones looked to have another 15k on them, while the bad one maybe 1k.

Strangely it did not have a wear pattern that I could discern. It seemed to be worn equally across the tread (not worn heavier on the outside due to under-inflation or inside due to over-inflation). When I checked the pressures, it was a little higher than the others.

He bought the Corvette about a year ago and have only put 5,000 miles on it and babies it.

I have two theories:

1. the tire has had a slow leak for a while, and the previous owner was over inflating to compensate and then not refilling until the sensor went off. This is why the wear pattern would be even as the interior would wear when over inflated, then the outside when under inflated.


2. The front left tire was damaged and he replaced only that then later bought a set of 3 tires (in other words it is older than the other 3).

Note: All tires were the same model.