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Question on vehicle dynamics.

So FWD cars tend to understeer more because of their forward weight bias (and power understeer if you’re too hard on the throttle.)

My question is. At high speeds, in high gear, wouldn’t that also cause them understeer less? Since they’d have more weight on the front than a balanced car. We’ll assume your holding the throttle so that you’re maintaining speed, neither accelerating or decelerating, so that torque applied to the wheels is minimized.

Edit: Bonus question! So let’s say you accelerate hard out of a turn down a straight. You balance the throttle so that you’re holding the exact same speed. Does the weight that shifted from the hard acceleration stay in the rear or does it return more to it’s static distribution?


Although I have a feeling there’s no general answer to this one and it just depends on how the car’s set up.

Best FWD car ever made, for your time.

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