There's a decently cute physical therapist that has the apartment next to mine. We talk from time to time and I've asked her out a while ago but she isn't interested so before anyone suggests it, no that is NOT the answer. Anyways, it turns out she hides her sex bag in my pile of car parts. I went down to the storage area in the basement to do an inventory of my bushings and speakers and wires and whatnot and I see a garbage bag. I thought it was something I filled up with jetta bits and pieces......nope. Dildos, lube, and sexy underwear.

On the one hand, I couldn't care less. I really don't think the items itself are any sort of my business or a problem of any sort. If you don't have a sex bag of things somewhere in your place you're either a liar or not...."of age" yet. So I understand her wanting to hide it if she has parents/friends or whatever who visit often. But at the same time I kinda don't want her keeping it near things that might be covered in oil or metal shavings. So how do I warn her in a um....."tact" way that a pile of automotive parts and tools is NOT the place to keep intimate things unless you are really into pain and trips to the emergency room?

Picture related. If anyone wants a catalytic converter for a 90s golf or jetta with the 2.0 ABA motor, let me know. Or if you are into anal gaping and want a way to one up goatse, have I got just the thing for you!.....No refunds or returns.