Oppo I have the disease that plagues all of us and being all over the place when it comes to my next mode of transportation. Gas mileage isn’t a huge concern because I have a Saturn that’s my DD and for fuel economy.

My dad and I always wanted a truck but since his eyes are firmly set upon a Vette as his next vehicle he’s not getting one anytime soon. My dilemmna is that for some reason I’m under the notion that if I get a truck it has to be 4x4. I’m not much an outdoors person just yet, as a matter of fact never driven down a trail once but I’ve always wanted too. My other issue is I want to make a fast truck but still want to be able to haul goods when need be.

So Oppo which way should I go with the truck? RWD or 4x4? I’m looking at things around $13k and lower. Preferably anything from the mid 2000s up, extended/crew cab and MT if possible tho if the AT gets me moving quicker I may go with that. If you could please include a small explanation why I should choose one over the other.

Ford Lightning for your time.