Serious question is serious. FCA brands make some of the coolest products really they do...but they all kinda, well, suck when talking about reliability. But what if they didn’t? Could you imagine how much better they would sell? What if they broke into the top 5 most reliable brands, could you even imagine what that would do to the global car market?

I really like FCA products, they make some seriously cool stuff from the abarth 500 to the renegade and everything in between, I even think that some of their mainstream stuff is starting to get really good. The new pacifica looks amazing with or without the caveat of being a van.


I can’t in good conscious buy one knowing that they will:

  • Have problems within the warranty period
  • Be a money hole after the warranty period.

Just think about it for a minute...what if they were good.

Sorry If I offend FCA loyalists or unionists, its not my intent.