Illustration for article titled Question: what is the rarest normal car on sale right now?

I always have found super rare cars that fill a normal role to be interesting. Right now, no one is buying Alfas for the premium the sedan/SUV market in America. Kia can’t move any K900s either. But those have big profit margins.


There are some really low volume small cars like the Mitsubishi G4 sedan and the Eclipse Cross (eww). Honda doesn’t sell many HRVs or Toyota CHRs either. I think the most surprising is the total lack of new Civic Coupes being sold. Most people don’t even know they still sell them. That’s also what killed the Elantra coupe.

Additionally, super rare options (or lack thereof) have produced some unusual “normal” cars as well. Jeep wranglers don’t come standard with air conditioning and the Patriot didn’t come with power locks or windows either.

What do you think?

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