I've been pondering (see left) this question, off and on, for about a month. My buddy got a Q5 and is planning all sorts of outdoorsy stuff (we've gone camping and beginner rock climbing) but...it's a crossover. You can't really go to extreme places which, in my mind, are reserved for SUVs. The article on FP about the Jaguar concept had this comment.

Seriously. I see SUV and crossover used interchangeably now. I put a lot of thought into the hypothetical situation of me searching for a vehicle to do outdoorsy type stuff and I not once thought of a crossover...at least I don't think I did.

Is the line blurred? Is it there? Is there a clear definition anymore or do we all just have our own standards to apply to the industry as manufacturers flood us with car frames with greater ground clearance while the SUVs of yesteryear are relegated to New Hampshire back roads?