Personally, I don't think Mr. Walker is the most amazing actor. Instead, I think he's just one of us who ended up living the dream - getting paid (quite nicely) to be a car guy. I hope the epitome of cool, James Dean himself, came up to the pearly gates in a 550, tossed Paul a leather jacket when he was in line, and said "Get in, we need a fourth driver." Now why would James Dean say that? Well it's quite simple.

Steve McQueen

And Paul Newman


alongside Dean have formed a racing team up in heaven.

My question to you Oppos is this - what car would they be racing? You have Walker and Newman repping the nissan badge but Dean and McQueen were diehard Porsche drivers. Would they go historic? Would they thrash the newer nissan prototypes? Would they do the deltawing to be on the cutting edge of cool and daring?

Personally, I'm leaning towards something that can never be "uncool". Dean and McQueen defined what was cool and what wasn't. And Newman himself had a ton of racing success so he won't be driving any old piece of junk. Walker helped define modern car culture as we know it by breaking some tradition and ushering in the new generation of car culture via mass exposure.

So broken down, we need a race car that is

-Timelessly cool
-Bred to win
-Breaks tradition

To my knowledge that is pretty much the porsche 917 in a nutshell. It ended the ford victory train and pretty much banished ferrari out of the record books for outright wins at Le Mans. It will never look "uncool" and was so dominant it ended up being ruled out of contention thanks to the french governing body. So to me, they're racing classic le mans up there and fending off the older GT40s and 908s while battling the ferrari and alfa prototypes for the lead in a gulf liveried 917. Shine on, all you crazy diamonds.