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Question: Why do you have what you have?

Why do you own the car or cars that you do? Was it a choice, due to circumstances in life or did it choose you instead of you choosing it?

I own my Fiesta ST because I couldn’t afford a Mustang in 2014 and looked at Fiesta’s out of desperation. I knew how to drive manual and had read Jalopnik for a long time. I wanted a “drivers car”. I was not even aware of the ST’s existence until I saw it on Ford’s site.

I own my CX-3 because we wanted something nice, small and with a hatch. It was that or the Mazda3 and we didn’t care for the Mazda3's looks or feel. It also had to be automatic.


I own my truck... well most of you know that story.

Anyway, I want to know your stories on how you got your carsand reasoning behind why you spent money how you did!

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