Some OppositeLock/Jalopnik/Kinja Questions.

Hello, I've been reading Jalopnik for a few years now, but I haven't gotten a handle on all of what is happening. Here are some questions at I've always had but was too afraid to ask:

1. What does the infamous term, "nibbles," mean? Sometimes it sounds like it's referring to a person, other times it sounds like just another word for 'cool' or 'awesome'.

2. What does the little star button do? I have used it, it has been used on me, people have thanked me for using it, but I can discern what it is for. It was a star, then a heart, then a star. It was called: "save," then, "like," now, "recommend."

3. Is there anyway for our kinja blogs to publish just the actual posts we make and not the comments.


4. What actually happens when we 'follow' somebody? How do we see posts by those we've 'followed'?

5. Do any of you have any questions you want answered?

For your trouble: here is Ayrton Senna, one-handed, through Monaco in the McLaren.