So I want to poll the non lawyers to see what your thoughts are on my boss’s usual procedures at the shop.

So I work in a two bay shop, with a door to the right that you’re supposed to enter in. However people are incredibly dumb and will routinely walk through the shop, and over both dynos. Many people trip and almost fall. They also walk through the machines, and over cords and hoses.


My boss also encourages people to pull into the shop, instead of having them PARK THEIR FUCKING CARS!!! This leads to me having to honk at them when they see an open bay and pull in, even though I’m behind them with a car and I want to smog it.

Today, though, an old guy in a walker got out and went over one of the dynos. The guy’s daughter told him not to, but my boss encouraged him. My head almost exploded. I mean it’s obvious he has no clue that if someone hurts themselves he’ll lose his shop and everything he owns in a lawsuit. He has taken ZERO measures to prevent any accidents. He routinely leaves oil puddles around, and he also puts away the safety signs! Yup! When I tried to move the signs to a more prominent position, including one that basically said, “Danger Will Robinson. Do not enter work area when the dyno is being run.”

Oh and when it rains the dyno is slippery as shit and I’ve almost fallen a few times.


Here is a crappy diagram of the shop. The purple arrows are routes customers take. And my favorite is when they go to leave they ignore the door to their right, and instead turn around and go through the shop.

Oh and I forgot to mention this place is hazard for me. My boss refuses to roll up cords and hoses at the machines.