Questions about JB Weld and my sanity

Hola amigos. I have an old Corvette track car. It’s a C4 and it’s a convertible and it looks like this:

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The back of the car is very light. No spare, no jack, no stereo speakers, no carpet, etc, and when I push it too hard the back likes to want to come around, especially under hard braking at higher speeds (110+ mph -> 35 mph as quick as possible) and when I’m going into a turn with too much speed.

So why not put a huge GT wing back there?

Well, aside from that eliminating the car from a couple SCCA/NASA classes, which I don’t care so much about as the car isn’t up to spec anyway, mounting the thing is the problem. I’ve got a few issues:

1) The gas fill is on top of that deck in the back and opens up. I have a wing that has a wide base so it’ll straddle that area and the wing is high enough for me to still get gas in the tank although I might have to stand there holding the nozzle but who cares.


2) The only access to the underside of that deck lid is through the a hole behind the rear plate. I can feel around in there but can’t see very well. From putting the wing in place and putting masking tape down and using two hands to tell where I’d be drilling.... I can feel around where I’d want to drill and it’s... I don’t have a lot of confidence about what I’d be drilling through.

3) I really don’t want to have the wing rip off at 100mph into the windshield of a Porsche GT3 coming up to pass me. This last point is the one I am most concerned about.


So I don’t think I’m going to be able to drill through the fiberglass and add in huge backing washers and bolt the thing in how I would like.

Would JB Weld actually hold it in place?

Am I nuts for even considering it?

I’ve not really used the stuff but I’ve got a package that says it’s good for 3770 pounds per square inch and that’s it great for plastic to metal, thermoplastics, coated metals, fiberglass, etc. I’d be mating four large aluminum bases to the fiberglass deck of the car. We’re talking about 16 square inches. That’s a huge amount of strength, if you believe the package.


Is this a number I can actually trust? Is there something that would be decidedly better? Am I being too negative and should trust the package or is the package just marketing based on ideal conditions in a lab setting or what? Any real world experience with the stuff?

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