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Questions about Rally Gear

NOTE: I'm reposting this because it got pushed way down, so nobody saw it.

Hey Oppo,

So I'm looking to get into rally co-driving (thanks Dusty!). Obviously safety is paramount here, so good gear is important.


That said, I'm running on a budget. It's not the tightest budget, but I won't be spending more than $2000. I want as high-quality stuff for as my budget allows, but I also want the gear to be legal for as long as possible (don't want to buy more up-to-date stuff).

Do any of you Opponauts have any recommendations? Here's a rough idea of some of the gear I would get.
Helmet- Sparco J Pro-i HANS Intercom Helmet SA2010
HANS- HANS Performance Sport II 20° HANS Device Medium
Suit- Alpinestars GP Start Race Suit
Underwear & Balaclava- Undecided

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