Here is a rally mustang as a 'thank you' for looking.

First off, I want to say thank you to everyone that answered my question yesterday. I enjoy learning more about cars, and since I'm new to the magical car-world, I genuinely feel oppo is the best place to ask car questions since it is a gathering of gearheads and I can get straight answers. So here are my next questions.

My first question is this, what is a transversely mounted engine? I looked online, I couldn't find an answer that I thought was suitable or plainly spelled it out. From what I gather, it is the placement of the engine for fwd cars. But, is it where the engine is off to the side, so the transmission can fit in the engine bay as well?

My second question is about torque steering. I took my car to the shop the other day (a '08 pt cruiser, I know, I'm sorry), and they said I had torque steering. I knew my car couldn't drive straight, but I didn't know what it was called (like I said, I'm new). The question is this; I thought you needed a big, powerful engine to get torque steer, don't you? Or is torque steering inherited with all fwd? On a related note, I saw something online that said torque steering happens when you have a transversely mounted engine, is this true?

I'm trying to understand my car more. When something goes wrong I like to know why its wrong, so I can approach the issue with some basic idea of whats going on. This helps grows my knowledge of the internal workings of a car, plus helps prevents me from getting swindled by a mechanic.


Thanks in Advance.