Hello fellow Oppos, I am surprised and excited to see that there are at least 3-4 owners of Second Generation (1970-81) Firebirds and Trans-Ams on Oppo. My questions are what have been your sources of knowledge and parts for your cars? I own a 1980 Firebird Espirit yellow bird. It has a swapped in 400 Pontiac. Thee only reason I am not driving mine is because I have a bad front end shake. I don’t know where to buy parts because the companies only list up to 1979? WHY? Also my heater core failed on me three years ago and I went to replace it only to find that during my cars life, the HVAC plastic has been broken. Is there a source for new or used parts or should I get a Vintage Air kit? Or is there another kit I should consider? Any and all help is super appreciated!

Pictures of my car for your time,