My wife is strongly encouraging me to go look at an STI that went up for sale down the road from my house. I know the house. It catches my eye because they run quite a few modified subies, so I know it’s been modified but I don’t know how. I’ll be stopping on my way home to get some more info- what questions should I ask?

I just don’t know what’s relevant to the discussion- useful performance versus catastrophic engine/driveline mods, chassis and bodywork modifications, etc. This could be my first foray into someone else’s project, and I’m inclined to be cautious.


When I stopped on the way home, I was told that the owner was still at his shop-I take that as a good sign. The sign out front also noted new tires and timing belt. Could it be a unicorn? A well modded and professionally maintained STi? I know, I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

Also: 117k and asking “16k OBO”

I’m going to call tomorrow at lunch.