Nissan enjoys bringing America strange cars. We have the boxy Cube, the frog-like Juke, the box on wheels Quest, and this two door SUV called the Murano CrossCabriolet. This car gets a lot of hatred around here. People mock it, its owners, and its company. But I want to ask a serious question here...

What if it didn't cost so much?


The 2014 edition starts at $41,995. Now, that sounds like a lot of money. Which, in a sense, it is. However, this car is based off of the fully loaded Murano LE. That starts at $39,480. Both have the same V-6, AWD, 20" rims, leather interior, Bluetooth, and much more. This means that there is only a $2515 difference. That really isn't much at all. A good negotiator can haggle that off without breaking a sweat. You are paying just over $2500 for a convertible. That to me seems like a pretty good deal. But, maybe you still aren't sold...

What if it was instead based on the Murano S (AKA base model)? That starts at $30,230 for AWD and $28,440 for FWD. If they made the CC (as it will now be known as since the name is way too long to keep typing) off of this, making it run right around $31,000, would it be better?

Now, it also has a bit of competition. This is coming from the Jeep Wrangler; a car that many people love. Sure, the CC can't go offroading; but neither can many Wranglers since they come in FWD and are driven by people who don't know what they have.


What if it was made to be more practical?


This is a photoshop I found online. This is based off the four door model; not an extended CC, as evident by the taillights. Now, it can easily seat four if not five people. Now you have a modern VW Thing. You have a Wrangler Unlimited Fighter. Would this make it more popular?

If none of these, what would you do to make it more popular? I don't see why it gets so much hate. I like the styling and the whole idea behind it. If they dropped the price, I'd consider it. Let me know!