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Quick, I Need a Chrysler Pacifica and Two Mattresses

Auto shows let you do things like touch cars and play with features. Sometimes you find unknown or unintended features that could be exploited for great fun. This is one of those features.

The Chrysler Pacifica is know for its Stow and Go system. The rear seats fold flat into the floor. Well, almost all of them do. Should you choose to get a second row bench seat instead of captains chairs, the middle seat does not stow. The middle seat pops out like it does in every other van. Thus you are left with what could be best described as the Chrysler Pacifica Jump seat.

The perfect configuration for hauling 1 child

This presents and excellent opportunity for adults to have some fun. This seat is incredibly unstable on it’s own. Oh it is latched into the car just fine, but it is very small and does not leave a lot of surface area for human rear end grip. Also there is no bolstering at all. Take a corner too quickly and you are flying off the seat and on to the floor (even when belted).

So you wanna have some fun? Put two mattresses on the side for safety and carve some curvy roads**.

You should experience this when you go to your local auto show. Even standing still is it remarkable at how unstable this is*.

*Note, I would not suggest fastening the seat belt (although it does work). You could get tangled.


**Do not try this at home, injure yourself, and blame me**

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