When I am composing a post and within it linking to another post (also on OPPO), can I control the thumbnail image that appears? For instance, in this post about Vintage Hot Wheels I link to a couple of the other "Vintage Hot Wheels" posts I've done. The image that appears as the thumbnail is usually not the first one, or even necessarily an image I'd like.

For a thumbnail for the

Vintage Hot Wheels: Good Humor Truck (1983) and VW Golf (1989) for instance it shows the fifth (and last photo)

and for the

Vintage Hot Wheels: US Postal Van (1976) and Chevy Truck it shows the 4th photo (of 9) as the thumbnail


UPDATE: Following KnowsAboutCars instructions, I deleted all the images in the linked articles and reloaded them again. It fixed the issue. The first image uploaded became the thumbnail.


Is there a way for me to select the pic that becomes the thumbnail for a link? And while we're talking about it is the first image in an article always the one that is the thumbnail on OPPO?


Thanks for your help!

P.S. Even though I have no intention to, you could see how this would be really helpful if I ever put together or linked to a NSFW post.