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Quick Oppo Review: Drove a 1991 Lancia Thema today...

I was surprised by the comfort and all the toys inside the car, along with the overall build quality of the interior. It’s a fairly decent saloon car! It was the 2L 16V NA engine. While not exactly powerful, it wasn’t a sloth either. The gearbox was smooth and the engine noise pleasing to listen to. Handling wise though I don’t think it’s up to par with what a Lancia is supposed to be... Not floaty or anything, just not really sporty enough to my taste... Suspensions coped very well with the asperities of the road though and while firm, ride was comfortable.

Great car really, I wouldn’t mind daily driving a faster version (There is a 3.0L V8 version of this car with a bit over 200hp), I just regret the slight lack of responsiveness of the steering...

If you can find a cheap one, go for it! Not bad at all, really.


(Yeah, totally forgot to take pictures of the car, sorry...)

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