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Quick overview of my Dodge Viper ACR

Hey guys finally got my equipment setup to start making some footage of my car and the weekly shenanigans I get into.


I do all my own work on my vehicles and have moved on from my 607whp s2000 to this mostly stock Viper ACR.

Since there isn’t a whole lot of video content out there for Vipers I’ll be trying to do my best to create some.


I’ll be making videos on:
- Maintenance
- Performance modifications
- Essential upgrades to ensure longevity and not getting stranded in a Viper
- Cars & Coffee in Los Angeles-Orange County area
- Canyon Runs
- Drag & Track Days

If you guys have any questions or want to see any particular content; feel free to hit me up and subscribe for future videos!

First video is just a quick run through on my car. More to come!

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