What are the worst tires you have ever had on a car or truck?

Mine were Goodyear Wrangler HP's. Sweet zombie Jesus, those were awful. So i bought a brand new car in 2009. Everything was great. I am a bit of a control freak about tire maintenance so a week into owning the car i checked the pressure, it was way, way off of the factory recommended pressure. So i filled them. Then it was time for the first big road trip. It rained and i hydroplaned constantly. The stability control light was flashing a lot, at 55 mph. On fresh asphalt even a little mist would make the car feel like i was driving on glass smeared with bacon grease. Then it snowed. It was so bad, i was white knuckling it and sweating like a lunatic. I parked my new AWD car and drove my company Corolla for that month. I looked on Tire Rack's reviews and just about every one said that the Goodyear Wrangler HP's were death traps. I had 2,700ish miles on the car and really hated driving it. So i bit the bullet and bought new Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S's and had them siped. Such a massive difference, i have 25,800ish miles on them now and i have never hydroplaned once. No more peeling out at stop lights. Drove through 13 different states with no problems. I still have the Goodyear's out in the garage, i just don't know what to do with them.